The first couple of years, starting from 1975, found me running my company (which was little more than me, a desk and a phone) from home before setting up in a small office in North-West London.

From the beginning I specialised in domestic decorating and only got into commercial decorating quite some time after.

The years of being in people’s homes have taught me many things. Not least that my customers want: cleanliness, pleasantness, reliability and a nice professional finish that will last. Of course we concentrate on just that and like to think we do it well.

Around 1987 we moved south of the Thames and opened a second office near Wimbledon, while still keeping the north London office operating smoothly.

As the years passed so my company grew. Now MJ Kloss has approximately 40 – 60 decorators operating along with three estimators and five supervisors. This covers the wider areas we now work in.

We still do try very hard to deliver a better service, knowing that alone is the secret to our continued success. I invite you to give us a try and get a free estimate from one of my friendly, professional estimators.

We hope to hear from you soon.

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Recent review:

“I feel completely relaxed when MJ Kloss is doing the decorating. I know everything will go smoothly and any snags will be sorted with no fuss.”
Ms. N. U. in Twickenham TW1

A message from Mark Kloss